Saturday, October 8, 2011

Audio-Technica AT-PL120 Professional Direct-Drive Turntable

!±8±Audio-Technica AT-PL120 Professional Direct-Drive Turntable

Brand : Audio-Technica
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Price : $399.95
Post Date : Oct 08, 2011 22:09:18
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Looking for a turntable that can do justice to your cherished vinyl records? Audio-Technica's AT-PL120 is designed to please professional DJs and LP lovers alike. Its high-torque, direct drive motor provides solid, quartz-controlled playback for albums, 45s...even those old 78s (a rare feature for turntables in this price range!). A built-in, selectable phono preamp means you can connect the AT-PL120 directly to almost any audio system, or even hook it up to your PC's sound card for digitally archiving your vinyl collection (may require adapter, not included). Audio-Technica even includes their rugged, high-quality ATP-2 phono cartridge for great-sounding playback right out of the box. DJs will also appreciate the AT-PL120's impressive list of special playback options. Its pitch control feature can be set to two different ranges (±10% or ±20%), for easier beat-match mixing. Reverse play lets you create cool sonic effects. A remote input jack lets you start or stop playback from a compatible mixer or control unit, and the pop-up stylus target light makes it easier to see where you're dropping the needle in low-light settings like a dance club.

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